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Cristiano Ronaldo's Mother Reveals She Tried to Abort Her Son in New Book

BR - Dolores Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo's mother, has revealed that she tried to terminate her pregnancy with the Portuguese footballer.

Ronaldo, 29, has gone on to become one of the world's greatest footballers, winning numerous trophies and setting individual records across his career.

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NewMonday3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

sad thing millions of children get aborted in world every year and never get the chance Rolando got.

Omegasyde3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Trolling attempt incoming:


*She wished she swallowed instead*.

Taz Yamauchi3121d ago

She should have gone ahead with that plan

MajorLazer3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Sounds like it should have been you that was aborted..

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