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Real Madrid reach £70m James Rodriguez agreement

The 23-year-old will finalise personal terms on Monday before being officially announced as the Champions League winners' second signing of the summer transfer window

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asmith23062902d ago

I would have thought the last thing Madrid needed was another forward.

RGB2902d ago

He's a winger / attacking midfielder, not an out an out forward.

Ronaldo, Rodriguez, Bale with Benzema up top. Isco & Di Maria as subs for the attacking 3 and Jese for Benzema.

asmith23062901d ago

Ancelotti started off last season with a 4-2-3-1 and it didn't work, which is why they ended the season with a 4-3-3. Kroos can play as a DM but he usually plays in the same hole as Rodriguez does. Will be interesting to see how Ancelotti accomadates everyone. I can see Khedira, Isco and Di Maria heading for the exit and Alonso isn't getting any younger. I can understand the Kroos deal, but seems like they signed Rodriguez when there was no need to.

RGB2901d ago

4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 changed on the fly. Look at the players he had on the pitch, both systems could be used and changed freely during matches, which happened almost every game.

Khedira will go, probably Di Maria too. Isco has to stay, Madrid need subs for those attacking positions, especially if 1 of them gets injured.

badz1492902d ago

1 decent showing at the WC and now he's at 70mil and going to Madrid? This will be a flop!

b163o12901d ago

Agreed, couldn't have said it better myself. I'm still not understanding his price tag

cell9892902d ago

Wow they got Kroos now James!

MajorLazer2902d ago

Ahhh, Real Madrid. Ruining the transfer market since...

goku323592902d ago

It's funny. Clubs like City and PSG get blasted for incessant spending, but Real are forgiven because they have "history"...

Anyways, this purchase doesn't make much sense unless either Isco and/or Di Maria are leaving. Why else would Madrid buy 2 number 10's this summer when they already have one in Isco?

RGB2902d ago

2 #10s? I'm pretty sure Madrid will be using Kroos for other duties than attacking midfielder. No doubt behind the attacking 3 with Modric.

asmith23062901d ago

That's bull. Madrid, Barca, Utd, to name a few can buy who they want for however much they want because everything they spend they earn through the club. They aren't like PSG, Chelsea or City who have rich sugar daddies pumping their own money into the club to fund transfers. That's why they get hit with FFP rules.