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Arsenal agree £16m deal for Southampton star Chambers

The Gunners have seen off competition from Premier League title rivals Liverpool for the 19-year-old to sign the left-back for the eighth highest fee in history for a teenager

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jak3y13oy2899d ago

Heard there's sale at Southampton..

pandehz2896d ago


I used to pass by that place when I studied there.

TheSaint2896d ago

FFS, can we still field eleven players for the start of the season?

This is getting stupid, we had one of the best teams I can remember last year and now what? Sell everyone and f*** you Saints fans.

No f****** ambition at all, why do I bother supporting a team like that?

asmith23062896d ago

They have received at least £90m for all these players. To a club like Southampton, which arguably has the best youth system in England, that could be a god send. Koeman isn't a bad coach. Get some players in yourselves and keep grooming great talent like you always have. Things aren't that bad.

TheSaint2895d ago

We have bought one 12 mil midfielder, that's it.

Things are that bad, try putting yourself in my shoes, year after year we lose our best players, it's pointless being a Saints fan as we are never going to win anything.

Sandmano2893d ago

were did all the money go?