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Thiago Motta Headbutted By Brandao In Tunnel After PSG vs Bastia

Paris Saint Germain have called for Bastia striker Brandao to be banned from football for life after he was caught on camera appearing to headbutt Italian international Thiago Motta in the tunnel on Saturday after PSG's 2-0 victory. The incident left Motta with a suspected broken nose.

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asmith23062875d ago

I would image that this bit of lunacy from Brandao would constitute a bigger ban than Suarez got for attempted murder... I mean biting! A headbutt is way worse. Can cause so much damage.

TheSaint2874d ago

Actually I'd rather be headbutted than bit, the mouth contains a multitude of germs and bacteria.

You could get infected very easily.

asmith23062874d ago

"You could get infected very easily." - the chances of getting infected by a bite are very slim compared to the damage a headbutt could cause just once. I know a guy who had all his front teeth smashed and lips burst open from a headbutt, not pretty.

BlackPhillip6662875d ago

Hell if you can`t ban Suarez for life, this guy`s gonna get a birthday cake.

RPG12012874d ago

Man, a broken nose is a bitch physically, emotionally and aesthetically.

1nsomniac2874d ago

Brandao is a wetter, I've got absolutely no time or respect for these people that creep in out of no where lash out & run away!

The truth of it is we have no idea what caused it & you never no he could of deserved it but to creep out in the middle of the tunnel & headbutt him then run away is nothing but cowardly!

He should not only be made an example of but should also be publicly humiliated!

1nsomniac2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

A little embarrassed that while trying to make a sensible comment I've written 'know' as 'no'....(fail)