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Corinthians Midfielder Petros Banned For Six Months For Colliding With A Referee (Video)

Corinthian midfielder Petros has found himself slapped hard with an enormous SIX-MONTH ban after colliding with a referee during a recent Brazilian league game.

The incident occurred during Corinthians’ 1-0 victory over rivals Santos on August 10th, with Petros clattering into the referee from behind and appearing to land a forearm across the official’s back…sort of.

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Stringerbell2876d ago

Clearly he didn't mean to do that...

ProjectVulcan2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

It's not the best of angles but it seems as if he is watching the ball (you can just see it rolling loose), tries to run towards it but clips 29 causing him to lose balance slightly and fall onto the ref. Who he probably wasn't looking much at.

It is that he didn't immediately stop or turn to apologise to the ref like I have seen when there are collisions sometimes. Because if he did, this whole thing wouldn't even be talked about. It's a nothing collision between player and ref you see every now and again.

FanboyKilla2874d ago

He did that on purpose. I bet he wishes he would have hit him harder though. Six months?

PS4OUR2875d ago

Lol, what the hell??

Six months for that?

Brandao headbutted Motta in the face breaking Mott's nose and they still debating it whereas this clown gets six months for that??


Stringerbell2875d ago

As an avid fan of Ligue 1 I can tell you that it is well known throughout the country that many of the officials are incompetent. It was no surprise that not a single official from Ligue 1 was invited to the World Cup.

PS4OUR2875d ago

Its that bad over there huh? Had no idea. But seriously, how can they not have a system in place to deal with thuggery in football. This incident here is a nothing compared to the headbutt Brandao dished on Motta and yet that incident is yet to be resolved.

Baka-akaB2875d ago

and yet ironically enough the referee were worse during world cup than anything ever seen in Ligue 1 ...

SniperControl2875d ago

WTF! That goofy faker Suarez got 4 months for biting, this guy gets 6 months for gently pushing the ref in the back, joke.

KingPin2875d ago

lmfao FIFA really need to make a punishment board here and give colours based on aggressiveness of the foul and give penalties worthy of the colour. you know, grade 1 type stuff just so they can stop making stupid decisions like this.

asmith23062874d ago

Hmmm, certainly didn't look like much. If anything it just looks like a push out of the way, even if he did use his forearm. He was looking at the ball to. Don't get it.