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Liverpool in talks to sign AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli

Brendan Rodgers is keen to add another forward to his squad and appears to have turned to Balotelli after growing frustrated in his pursuit of Monaco's Colombia striker Radamel Falcao.

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NewMonday3084d ago

funny thing about Mario, season over season he scores more goals but his price keeps falling down.

he is a consistent goal scorer on all levels, worth the risk at 16 million.

SniperControl3085d ago

One of the most over rated players in modern football, could not hack it at Man City or Milan, this stinks of desperation by liverpool.
Disciplinary record is worse than the goofy wonders!

Play2Win3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

He has unique skills and is one amazing player. Milan was poor. The whole team was poor. He was always the one to blame. He has a very special character which is his strongest opponent in his life and on the pitch. I hope he will become the great player he truly is.

asmith23063084d ago

His goal scoring record says otherwise. Great buy by Liverpool. You won't get many strikers of his calibre for £16m.

asmith23063084d ago

@Kingpin, seen that before, funny stuff alright.

PS4OUR3084d ago

@KingPin: LMAO. I said it before. Liverpool sold a troublemaker (Suarez) and signed another troublemaker (Balotelli). If Jose Mourinho has to devote 14 mins of his 15 mins half time team talk ONLY to one player (Balotelli) pleading Mario not to do anything rash as he is already on a yellow card and still Balotelli gets himself sent off. WOW LOL. Good luck Liverpool

Sahil3084d ago

He was 19.

I know he hasn't changed much but If he can change his attitude a LITTLE bit, we'll have a world beater.

imtiyaz63084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

A good signing. He can make some exceptional runs to create chances. He's gonna thrive with Henderson, Coutinho and Sterling supporting him.

Linwelin3084d ago

For £16 million he is worth the risk, he is bat shit crazy but has the ability.