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Cristiano Ronaldo Appears to Punch Diego Godin in the Face

Things always get a bit testy when city rivals Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid do battle.

In the waning moments of an eventual 1-0 (2-1 aggregate) Spanish Super Cup victory for Atletico Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo's frustrations came to a boil, and Diego Godin was the unfortunate receiver of said frustration.

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Stringerbell2864d ago

Not one but two swings! How he got off with just a warning is beyond me...

asmith23062864d ago

It will probably be reviewed. Out of character for Ronaldo but he should get the three game ban for that at a minimum. That was way over the top.

Stringerbell2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Yeah it is out of character and I guess you could see it was reactionary but thats not how you should react when you're locked up with another player.

KingPin2862d ago

you can see they tangled but thats just unacceptable behaviour from ronaldo. should face some sort of ban for that no doubt.