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Highlights: La Liga Week 1 - Real Madrid 2-0 Cordoba (25/8/14)

Benzema (30')
Ronaldo (90')

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Stringerbell3085d ago

Ronaldo better get those goals in now, because that ban for punching Godin is imminent...

KingPin3084d ago

any news on that story by any chance. nothing on the internet about them taking any action. maybe im checking the wrong sites...

asmith23063084d ago

Haven't heard a thing about it. Imagine it was the other way around!

Stringerbell3084d ago

Yeah I've seen nothing about it at all - almost as if everyone forgot about it already...

Nes_Daze3084d ago

I was expecting a 4-0, or 5-0. That score itself even lies a little, Cordoba had a few good chances, Real Madrid looked VERY sloppy in defense, (mainly Ramos and Arbeloa.