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Suarez: I turned down other offers to join Barcelona

The Uruguay international says that he did not hesitate for a second before deciding to move to Catalunya - despite previously having been linked with the likes of Real Madrid

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BlackPhillip6662866d ago

Pretty sure there was a fight from the local pitbull fighting ring and the USPCA as to aspects to impending musseling restrictions on the Suarez.

Add to that extra safety measures including a barking collar with electric shocks being added to Barcelona's counseling staff.

Then take into account a mussel most be worn when coming onto the pitch when leading a Suarez out with children.

Teeth filing policy's will also have been implemented in cause off biting out breaks with a Suarez.

Under no circumstances feed the Suarez Scooby snacks in impairs his mental state.

Suarez most be lead on and off the pitch like Hannibal Lector.

These new measures are enforced by FIFA.

neoragex2865d ago

You wrote all this for Suarez, how sweet of you. And you might wanna get a thing called life.

BlackPhillip6662865d ago

I`am happy supporting a team without Suarez in it.

Sandmano2861d ago

nice to see his determination