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Batistuta: I Wanted Doctors To Amputate My Legs

Fiorentina legend Gabriel Batistuta has spoken of the physical pain he suffered after he quit the game in 2005, even admitting that he asked doctors to amputate his legs.

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Sandmano3075d ago

Pretty messed up, remember I used to see him on a daily basis in Qatar, in the golf club that is, he loved his golf.

I remember I was wearing a Chelsea shirt once and he gave me a death stare, LOL

Also remember seeing Gurdiola, effenberg and leboef regularly too.

ProjectVulcan3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Batigol. He would still score loads without legs, his heading ability was immense

pop-voxuli3074d ago

Its spelled "Bautista" and he works for WWE. Also that is not his pic, the real Bautista looks nothing like that. Bautista would never play a pussy ass sport like soccer.

Ares84HU3074d ago

Don't know if trolling or a real idiot.

big_dom_returns3074d ago

What a proper cock you are, son.

pop-voxuli3074d ago

Im sure you're a real pro on what a "Proper Cock" is. Whats with you soccer fags and dicks?

Dante813073d ago

Do you prefer dick ass sports like American Football?

pop-voxuli3073d ago

I prefer kick ass sports like American(real) Football!

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