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Hapless Defender Scores Truly Pathetic Own-Goal In German League

We’ll forgive you for missing the Friday night ding-dong between SC Eltersdorf and Viktoria Aschaffenburg in the second division of the Bavarian Oberliga (Germany’s regional fifth tier), which ended in the two sides hammering out a lively old 4-4 draw.

However, roughly one eighth of the goals were of the “atrocious own-goal” variety, with Aschaffenburg’s Zamir Daudi somehow conspiring to waft the ball pathetically over his own goal-line despite having two zero-pressure attempts to hack the damn thing clear…

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neoragex2862d ago

Hhahahahahha.. won't be too bad for man united though

KingPin2862d ago

so funny comment you made there.

everyone is so busy dissing united, nobody noticed AC milan finished 8th in the serie A last season.

neoragex2862d ago

You finished 7th after spending 85 million.. Haaaa

Pricey2861d ago

bet you wish you had 85 million hahahahah... prick