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Ronaldo: Messi thoughts might put me in prison

Cristiano Ronaldo has suggested that rival Lionel Messi didn’t deserve to win the World Cup Golden Ball award this summer after the Real Madrid star joked he would be sent to prison if he gave his real opinion.

Messi beat the likes of World Cup winner Thomas Muller and Colombia's James Rodriguez to the prestigious individual award after scoring four goals in Brazil and steering Argentina to the final, which they lost to Germany.

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KingPin3076d ago

he isnt the only one who thought it though...
oh well, old news now. messi got it and thats history. whether he deserved it or not doesnt matter now. 3 world cups later, nobody will remember anyways.

asmith23063076d ago

Yeah, I can't remember anyone who won player of the tournament awards at any of the past world cups or euros.

steven83r3075d ago

Messi did deserve it. And that's because no other player in the entire world cup was held back like Messi always is. Let's see Muller, Rooney, Rodriguez or any other player who scored a good amount do the same with 4 guys at all times blocking them. The world teams are afraid of Messi and what he could do. block him like any other player and he would of scored most goals of tournament.

asmith23063075d ago

I have never seen a player get hounded as much as Messi alright, I'd agree with that. It's warranted though, he is lethal, especially when he picks the ball up in midfield. I thought he had a great WC, got Argentina out of the group almost on his own.