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Falcao Set For Manchester United Loan Move

Manchester United have agreed a season long loan deal for Radamel Falcao.

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KingPin2948d ago

WTF?!! was this even necessary?
they letting hernandez go coz he is a surplus to requirements, then they go out and loan another striker.

asmith23062948d ago

And I wonder if it is an up payment on a future transfer? To be fair to Hernandez I would happily go to Madrid. Even with RvP out and Welbeck seemingly leaving Utd aren't willing to give him a chance.

The only concerning thing about this is that Falcao is just back from a season ending knee injury. No harm in having Falcao but Utd's squad is now the most unbalanced squad in the whole league in my opinion. Rooney, RvP, Falcao, Di Maria on one end and Jones, Smalling, Evans, Blackett, Rojo on the other with little in between. Strange business.

KingPin2948d ago

yeah united are losing a class player in hernandez thats for sure. i dont know why they refusing to give him a fair chance.

totally agree with them being the most unbalanced team in the league. they not only unbalanced from back to front, but they also from right to left. a lot of their action will be on the left, not much happening in the center or the right. unless they end up playing players out of position.

Baka-akaB2947d ago

Well Falcao scored fine in his very first few matches , so i'd say he's recovered , or at least seems to be on the path

PS4OUR2947d ago

Welbeck to Arsenal. Hernandez to Real Madrid.

2 Strikers leaving the club.

Do you really need to ask why United acquired Falcao??

asmith23062947d ago

Did they have to offload Welbeck and Hernandez though? Why not give them a chance up front where they are supposed to play and invest the cash in another defender or defensive midfielder. If Falcao gets injured they have no strikers if RvP isn't back soon, that's another thing to consider.

fOrlOnhOpe572947d ago

Definitely didn't see that one coming.Sure hope LVG knows what he's doing.

pompombrum2947d ago

Still can't quite believe this.. Falcao is a goal machine. In the space of a week Utd have finally found players worthy of the number 7 and the number 9 shirts.

mcstorm2947d ago

I agree. People also forget we have 10 players out too and I think when Carrick is back he is perfect to play just in front of the back 4 where flech played last game and for me we have missed him as he is a under rated player for United. It will be interesting to see how LVG fits them all in the team but I would rather have the choice of Rooney, RVP and Falcao than Hernandez and Welbeck. Hernandez has not done anything since his 1st season and he is not a starting player. Welbeck I really like but he is nit a finisher and has had quite a few seasons at united to prove him self and has not.

Looking forward to seeing what LVG dose at united now as we still need players I agree but the Squad looks in better shape than it did before the last game and this squad could take us into the top 4 and build on that for next season.

It also proves United can attract top players still too.

listenkids2947d ago

Rooney Falcao
Di Maria Herrera
Shaw Rojo Jones Rafael

I can deal.

xX_Altair_Xx2947d ago

I'd go 4231 - De Gea, Rafa, Jones, Rojo, Shaw; Blind & Herrera at CM, Mata in the hole, Di Maria and Januzaj on the wings, Falcao up front.

This way everyone plays in their strongest positions and gives us wingers. For me Rooney and RVP are simply past it and their lack of pace and movement up front is holding us back. Mata's lack of pace is excusable in the way that Iniesta's is - he's the creative brain in the team.

Also Adnan has to play in his proper position to develop; saw him playing RWB against MKD and was just so wrong.

MajorLazer2947d ago

To think, if we had CL football, we could have gotten Lallana instead of Di Maria and Lambert instead of Falcao ;P

Linwelin2947d ago

What r u paying them in wages again ?

xX_Altair_Xx2946d ago

A lot more than Lallana and Lambert, you have to pay for world class. Doesnt come cheap like average English players and a crazy black guy.

asmith23062946d ago

I think the 2 points from a potential 9 against relegation level opposition really makes your point a bit redundant. Teams win trophies and at the moment Utd don't look like a team.