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Official: Real Madrid sign Chicharito on loan

The Champions League holders have announced on their official website that they have signed the Mexico international on a temporary basis

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Stringerbell3080d ago

I really dont see the appeal with this player, not up to the quality of Real Madrid...

KingPin3079d ago

actually he is...thats the reason im so confused as a united fan how does he start behind welbeck and an under-performing van persie.

he has scored some important goals for united since he joined. he's quick and a quality finisher. substitute him in place of benzema and madrid will be doing damage.

Stringerbell3079d ago

That is true- he's quite the poacher and yes no doubt his pace will suit a less physical league like La Liga.

fOrlOnhOpe573078d ago

The 'problem' he has, is that Fergie saw him as the 'super-sub / impact player. The type you bring on when the opposition defence is mentally and physically tiring, rather than the starting type, especially with Rooney, RVP and Welbeck in front of him.
Personally, I can appreciate his value in this role but equally, I can appreciate just how frustrating it must be for him.
Didn't his National manager recently urge him to make a move to Juventus for regular starts?. I think he's a cracking footballer and amongst the best in regards movement and finding space.
But now, on the face of it, it seems he will be in a similar position as understudy to Benzema

xXx19903078d ago

Berbatov over Chicharito any day

windblowsagain3078d ago

I would have preferred Him over wellbeck at Arsenal,lol.

Can't be any worse then Sanogo,