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Cristiano Ronaldo Surprised By Real Madrid Exits

Cristiano Ronaldo is surprised to have seen Real Madrid allow Angel di Maria and Xabi Alonso leave over the summer.

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mp12893069d ago

I've never been a madrid fan, but I must admit they HAD an unbeatable team, now they screwed it up.

asmith23063069d ago

Yeah, I don't get why they got rid of two world class and fully engrained players in Di Maria and Alonso. Strange decision.

hkgamer3069d ago

strange decisions. i understand alonso exit due to him getting old and probably doesnt fit into team in the managers pov. but di maria aswell? was that to cover costs?

i would have liked alonso making a return to anfield. letting him go was a massive mistake by liverpool

pompombrum3069d ago

That's just how Madrid do things..they always sell quality players to make room for the new big name. Like how they got rid of Robben when Ronaldo joined.