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Man Utd’s Mind-Boggling Array Of Sponsorship Deals Includes An ‘Official Global Noodle Partner’

No wonder Manchester United have been able to afford spaffing £230million on new players since last summer!

The sheer amount of global commercial ventures that United have on the go at the moment is staggering, with the club’s vast portfolio of sponsorship deals bringing in well over £150million per year – with that figure set to rise to around £190million at the end of the next financial year when United’s £750million, 10-year kit deal with Adidas starts kicking in.

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Stringerbell3067d ago

Most are telecommunication sponsorships but an official noodle partnership is hilarious.

TheSaint3065d ago

Who'd want Man U noodles? They'd just keep missing your mouth.

big_dom_returns3065d ago

Rooney's prostitute loves a Pot Noodle.