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Blatter confirms bid for fifth Fifa term

The 78-year-old Swiss has made public his decision to run again, arguing that his "mission" is not yet finished

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Stringerbell3063d ago

Yes because the mission of a corrupt sports plutocrat is never ending! Its also a thankless job /s

colonel1793061d ago

It's sad that this is allowed even in sports. We have to endure so many corruption from different governments, and then there's this guy corrupting sports at a unimaginable level.

This guy is worse than many corrupt governments combined.

asmith23063063d ago

He will get it as well the bollix.

amiga-man3061d ago

It's not even a question, FIFA is the football equivalent of the Mafia and just as corrupt.

The only way this will ever change is if all nations leave and form a new organisation.

It will never happen but I wish to god it would.

Stringerbell3061d ago

The worst part is they hide behind the guise of a non profit organization. Almost as if they are the equivalent of a UNICEF and not a bloated money making sports conglomerate. Every time I see them act as if they are some humble 'doing it for the kids' organization I just roll my eyes!

MajorLazer3062d ago

This c**t needs to f*** off!

TheSaint3061d ago

Well said sir. Bubbles for you.

KingPin3062d ago

why isnt there a limit on the number of terms one can run for.
this guy needs to go.

Sandmano3062d ago

I find it so funny that once there was talk about bin hamam running for presidency all those corruption allegations came out of nowhere, the carribean payoffs etc lol as if blatter didn't know about them. Corruption at its finest!

Stringerbell3060d ago

Because FIFA is more do as we say not as we do. The whole organization needs a revamp. Look it took forever to implement goal line technology. Calling for reforms in their own organization- one that they have rigged to ensure they make boat loads of money under the guise of a 'non profit' will never happen. They only way would be as 'amiga-man' said nations were to leave the organization and form a new one.