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Highlights: BPL (Week 4) - Liverpool 0-1 Aston Villa (13/9/14)

Agbonlahor (9')

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Stringerbell3066d ago

Villa defended rather well, LFC had a hard time breaking them down. Though in the last ten minutes I thought Liverpool played rather well. Unfortunate that Coutinho's shot bounced off the wood work. The team still isn't cohesive yet, this was Lallana's debut and Balotelli still isn't integrated in to the squad either...

asmith23063066d ago

Reminded me of Liverpool vs Chelsea last year. Villa defended so well. It's hard to play against a well drilled team who sit deep.

KingPin3066d ago

ay...this was unexpected.

xX_Altair_Xx3066d ago

As I predicted last season, Liverpool will be one season wonders, and then go back to where they belong. Suarez carried them, Balotelli looks like he cant be bothered and dont get me started on average players like Lovren, Markovic and Lallana. Do they expect to keep up with the big boys by signing these guys?

Also, Rodgers' claims that he's working on a budget are laughable. Spent £120m and still complaining. Also, lost to a team with no budget!

Stringerbell3066d ago

New players need time to be integrated into the squad. The cohesiveness wont happen overnight.