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Match Highlights: La Liga BBVA (Week 3) - Real Madrid 1-2 Atletico Madrid (13/9/14)

Tiago (10')
Ronaldo (26')
Turan (76')

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Stringerbell3067d ago

Massive win for Atleti- Mono did an excellent job coaching Atleti and making the right subs by bringing both Griezmann & Turan in.

asmith23063067d ago

Real were lucky last year. Spend all the money you want, can't beat a real team.

Zefros3066d ago

if you watched the match you could clearly see that madrid where just unlucky, they dominated the game, but then again luck i also important. the problem with madrid is, they don't have a killer goal getter and they really need someone better than benzema.

asmith23063066d ago

My dig was more at Reals transfer policy. They just like to get the glitzy players whoever they are at the current moment, at the expense of a well gelled team. It's nuts really. 3 points from the first three games is a joke, especially off the back of a CL win. They have also conceded the most amount of goals in the league so far.

RGB3066d ago

Completely agree Zefros, Real were just as good as Atléti if not better throughout the game. Atléti took their chances, Real didn't.

Benzema is too inconsistent, can score several goals in a few games then not score at all for half a dozen games. They should have sold him to Arsenal from £40m~, kept di Maria instead.

xX_Altair_Xx3066d ago

This is what happens when you tear apart a winning team. Why did they sell Di Maria and Alonso? And Khedira's been dropped for not signing a new contract.