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Match Highlights: UEFA Champions League (Group Stage) - Liverpool 2-1 Ludogorets (16/9/14)

Balotelli (82')
Abalo (90')
Gerrard (90')

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asmith23063064d ago

Ludogorets deserved a draw here. Pity for them their keeper made a bad choice at the end.

Stringerbell3064d ago

Gerrard knew it in his celebration. Lucky to get the win but I'm not complaining. In fact Ludogerets could have taken the lead had that shot not gone off the post.

asmith23063064d ago

Yeah that's true, forgot about that. That Marcelinho guy was on fire. Well impressed with him.

Stringerbell3063d ago

Really underestimated this side to be honest. I think a lot of people have them finishing last in the group, but they play decent football.

RGB3064d ago

Lucky Liverpool! A post and terrible defensive / goalkeeping handed them a win.

Unconvincing Liverpool and laughable Arsenal aren't sending the so called message that the Premier League is the "best league", far from it.

TheSaint3064d ago

So one set of iffy results and suddenly the Prem isn't the most exciting league in the world, ok.

RGB3064d ago

"Iffy results"... These are supposed to be the best teams in world football by miles. Playing the best brand of football. Playing the most exciting football!

Liverpool scrapes a lucky result against an amateur team with a new debuting 4th choice keeper and Arsenal get humiliated against Dortmund missing 6 1st team players!

Again "Iffy results" = common place for Prem teams;

Manchester City dumped out in the group stage. - FA Cup holders
Manchester United dumped out in the group stage. - Premier League Champions

Chelsea become the 1st & only ever title holder to be dumped in the group stage.
Manchester City dumped out in the group stage again, winning none of their 6 games. - Premier League Champions

Arsenal making it on goal difference alone. Arsenal usually make it via goal difference or 1 pt more than 3rd.
Chelsea losing Basel twice, United have lost to Basel in the recent past too. Madrid, 5-1 walk over.

Prem's knockout phrase record is laughable too, considering the talent and money spent;
12 out of possible 16 make it to the round of 16 in 4 seasons. 6 progress to the quarters, only 3 have made the semis, 2 finalists, 1 winner.
12 for Spanish teams in the same time period. 10 times in the quarters, 8 times in the semis, 3 finalists, 2 winners.

asmith23063064d ago

You're really butt hurt about the Premier League aren't you. You never stop going on about it.

The_Devil_Hunter3064d ago

Haha i was just thinking the same. He never stops going on about it.

RGB3063d ago

What can I say, BBC can't help it either.

30 games in 3 campaigns, only 8 wins in Europe. 35 goals for, 31 against. Laughable considering they were Prem Champions once and FA Cup winners twice during those 3 campaigns. Not to mention all the money they have spent failing.

I remember the owners saying they'd win it after 3 years too, can't even get to quarters!

FlunkinMonkey3064d ago

Look, it's the glory hunting fake Real Madrid and Spain supporter, who just happens to be ENGLISH... No Spanish fan would have you mate.

You are an extremely strange specimen..

The_Devil_Hunter3064d ago

Yes, I dont understand how an english dislikes his own league. He does prove some points but geez...

FlunkinMonkey3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Yea mate.. Not even his own league, his own national team! He is a straight up plastic fan.. While he may have some points, it doesn't excuse his extremely odd hatred for his football roots..

This plastic fan has some serious issues, ha.. What a joke.

TheSaint3063d ago

No they are not, no one says best in terms of skill, it's always been best in terms of excitement, if you truly knew football you'd know that.

RGB3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

You obviously don't watch/listen to BBC MoTD or BBC Radio 5 Live or ITV Sport or Sky Sports.

Someone as cynical as me texted into 5 Live saying, "Give it 3 days, you lot will be saying it's the best league again." They laughed, because they know that's what they're going to say!

4 teams, 1 win! Laughable!

TheSaint3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

If you look at all your disagrees you'll see I'm right.

RGB3062d ago

Hand full of people on a website oppose to hundreds of thousands of people phoning in, texting, tweeting, emailing shows like Talk Sport, 606, etc.
Not even close, people are deluded here, Roy Keane has said it plenty of times, people here think this league is the best in every way yet reality has it at 3rd, a distant 3rd too.

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