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Klopp backs Guardiola: Players should be protected

The BVB coach has voiced his concerns over the busy calendar in modern day football and has revealed Mats Hummels is nearing a comeback

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Stringerbell3050d ago

He does have a point - must clubs are competing in two domestic cups, then UEFA / Europa league, the league itself, international breaks - and then training nearly every single day! That is extremely taxing!

Grap3048d ago

training makes them fit.. PLUS every club focus on two of them. if a player make 100k+ per week he better work his a$$ off. that's like yearly payment for normal people and work 40+hours per-week.. the thing is german league have one month break in winter when premier league doesn't. hmm...

Stringerbell3047d ago

Still though there is only so much the human body can endure regardless of training, diet and rest. Even now teams are engaging in these 'Summer tours / Cups" where they have to forgo jet lag to play in a multitude of nations.