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Messi called me a son of a wh*re' - Weligton

The Argentine allegedly hurled verbal abuse at the Malaga defender and, after they squared up, the Barcelona attacker was shoved to the floor via his throat.

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Stringerbell3045d ago

Messi walked up to him and then insults him. Its no surprise he pushed him away.

Yaay4me3045d ago

I've heard that Messi is not what he seems. There are rumors that the guy sees Barcelona as his personal team and bullies other players; that there is a code of silence in the team regarding Messi.

asmith23063044d ago

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!

Idree3044d ago

I heard Ronaldo was arrogant and couldn't get along with Casillas and was acting like a diva in the locker room causing a divide between spanish & portuguese players.

But i know that tabloid like to make shit up.

Everyone has has a ying and a yang, cause on the other hand i know that the reason Ronaldo has no tattoos is because he is blood donor and does so frequently.

See, its easy to pick the worst aspects of people, and neglect the virtues.

These things happen in the heat of the moment, but that doesn't make him a bad person or a bully in the locker room.
Messi is also a UNICEF spokesperson, and does charities in Africa.

Yaay4me3044d ago

well, it seemed pretty legit when I was reading this.
and @Idree
not sure why you think Ronaldo has anything to do with this. I'm just saying rumor has it, that Messi is not what they portray him as. Don't make idols out of people, they are just like you and me, no better no worst.

windblowsagain3044d ago

Messi looks like a little midget. lol.

MajorLazer3044d ago

Messi dropped like a pu**y x'D