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Suarez absence finally felt as Barcelona fail to register a single shot on target

Hours after the Uruguayan struck twice in a friendly for the club's second string, his team-mates were unable to unlock Malaga's defence in a dour draw

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Stringerbell3056d ago

Malaga is a decent team in their own right, they played Barcelona rather well.

monkeyDzoro3055d ago

Yeah.... It's not like Suarez was there before and now its absence is impacting the team.
I'd like to see teams playing 11 guys in defense before other teams than Barcelona. People think it's a Barcelona issue while the same thing would happens if those teams use the same strategy against Madrid, Atletico and others...
Stop w/ bullshit clickbait title plz.

Rick_Ross_Boss3055d ago

One draw and its all doom and gloom, pathetic really. If they win this weekend the stories will read "Barca continue their impressive winning streak" lol

asmith23063055d ago

That's always the case with Barca. Even last season was viewed by everyone as a disaster even though they missed out on the league by one goal.

Stringerbell3055d ago

Its disrespectful to other clubs too. I mean its one thing if the story comes from a Barca site, but these sorts of publications are 'supposed' to be impartial...

TheSaint3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Where's that guy who always hates on the Prem? Not a single shot on target, this is why the Prem is the most exciting league in the world.

RedDevils3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

What do Suarez absence to do with Barca drawing against Malaga lol like if he kick a ball for Barca before, whoever wrote this should get their brain check