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Highlights: UEFA Champions League (Group Stage) - Paris Saint Germain 3-2 Barcelona (30/9/14)

Luiz (10')
Messi (12')
Verratti (26')
Matuidi (54')
Neymar (56')

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Nes_Daze1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Great back and forth match, Ter Stegen screwed up though... You gotta give PSG credit though, every year they look stronger and stronger, well deserved win for them. Never good to see your favorite team lose but there are a few positives to draw from this match...

asmith23061969d ago

Beautiful goals from Barca; great move for the first and superb finish by Neymar for the second. One thing this game shows is that they can't defend a set piece for their lives though. Gonna have to work on that.

Stringerbell1969d ago

Yeah giving up a header to Marco Verratti...

Yokan1968d ago

HAahahah i thought I was the only one who noticed this!!! Hes sooo damn small.

Stringerbell1967d ago

Yep, of all teams Barcelona was the first club to give him a goal!

Rick_Ross_Boss1968d ago

I think against the bigger teams they should play Mascherano in defensive midfield. Pique should have started, also Alba is getting worse. I much prefer Adriano as left back as hes better in the air and isn't as weak like a mouse.

Yokan1968d ago

Alba gets worse as the seasons go by, he was great in Euro 2012 but ever since then hes been going downhill