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Racism in English football 'right in front of your face' - Fifa vice-president

Goal - Jeffrey Webb says that black and ethnic minority coaches are struggling to get interviewed for positions in the UK - something that hints at an institutional problem

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KingPin3424d ago

dont mean to sound insensitive here but why is it only called racism when blacks dont get the job.

he's arguing that minority groups struggle to get coaching jobs in UK, but in africa, where whites are a minority, its all good if there are only 2-4 white coaches in the country. no problem there. or is it only racism when big money is involved and no black or ethnic minority gets a piece of the pie?

what ever happened to best person for the job...or are we suppose to all start giving jobs based on how sorry you feel for someone.

im not saying its right the way it is, but to call it racism is another story.

LordDhampire3422d ago

He's saying they aren't getting interviewed dipshit, their is a difference between hiring some for best qualifications and not interviewing someone because of their race.

KingPin3422d ago

well maybe their resumes arent up to par with others so why waste time interviewing them?

if you were a company, would you interview everyone with 60% averages when you have applicants with 80% averages?

only dipshit here is you for starting the name calling. glad i didnt, you might have labelled me a racist.

ThisJarContainsTHC3422d ago

because psycho leftist takeover.

windblowsagain3422d ago

What bothers me is. Black people moan about racism and all walk around calling eachother Ngs.

silvacrest3422d ago

that's just twisting a hateful word to mean something else, its not even spelt the same, its all about intent, go and actually ask a black person their intent when he uses the N word

when a white or other race uses it, more often then not, their is hatred/hostility/etc behind it

shinrock3422d ago

The reason for that is that the power of the word is taken away. These days it's more of an expression or slag these days although i know alot of my people would disagree. Im 40y/o and black and that word or any other so call offensive word has never effected me. Hell most of the white dudes around my way call each other the N word.
We are to busy submitting our emotion to the wrong thing in life.

The_Blue3422d ago

So the re-framing of a derogatory term is consider racism in itself? Given the fact that there are black in western Africa who don't use the term because they never dealt with the same struggles as the blacks in America.

If you don't understand how life work and why we have a team called Yankees, RedSkins or why Hasidic Jews still wear black than I suggest you read up on the condition agnosia.

BlackTar1873422d ago

Black people need to stop putting so much value to the N word and it will lose it's power.

People give the word power and people retains its power by taking it overly offensive.

pop-voxuli3421d ago

Exactly!! If nigger is a bad word then nobody should use it.

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Ogygian3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Stupid man who is ignoring statistics.

According to the article, 2 out of 92 English football club managers are black. That's around 2.2%.
The article misses out Chris Hughton, a mixed race manager who was only let go in April and who is expected to find a job imminently.
So we instead could use 3/93, which is 3.2%

Now we look at the demographics of how many black men or mixed race people (who are part black) there are in the UK who are of the football manager age of around 40-65.

(source: UK Census 2011)

This is the kind of figure we'd expect indicates no racism in hiring, as it is perfectly within the range of statistical anomalies. If there is a bias then it could be around 0.5%, which is statistically negligible.

I'm sick and tired of people making stupid comments based on ad hominem experiences and demanding society change based on whim and not evidence. Mr Jeffrey Webb should do his homework before making claims.
An assertion made without evidence may be dismissed without evidence.