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Price of Football: Ticket increases outstrip cost of living

The average price of the cheapest tickets across English football has risen at almost twice the rate of the cost of living since 2011.

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Stringerbell3031d ago

Meanwhile in Germany fans can see their clubs for reasonable prices. When you price people out you get a different type of fan who shows up, the one who sits there very quietly adding nothing to the atmosphere.

mcstorm3030d ago

For me im starting to lose my love for football. I am a United fan and have been for about 28 years now but even to watch football on TV is expensive. To get Sky sports its £46 a month then add BT sport you need to pay £12 a month on top of that or more depending on how you do it.

I have also been an Ice hockey fan for as long as I have followed football and for me getting something like game centre is far better value for money and you get to see more or less all the games you want for around about the price of 1 months worth of football via sky and BT.

Add this to going and watching the team you support it is very expensive and it is never going to go down due to the money in the sport now.

It will be interesting to see how football copes over the next 10 to 20 years as the money side has to stop at some point otherwise it wont be too long before a lot more clubs go under and fans stop supporting the sport.

Stringerbell3030d ago

Yes, this is why I fully support the German approach to the game - literally in every aspect. From fan input to the way the clubs are run. I'd like to see more leagues follow suit but I doubt it.

mcstorm3030d ago

Your spot on. Not really watched much of the German league even though I have BT sport but may give it a go.

I know English football its the biggest in the world in terms of viewers but I don't like the way it is run.

Football was a poor mans sport when it 1st started out but now its a rich mans game.

For me football should be run by one body and have the same rules and spending agreements as everyone else. I also think caps should be put on what a team should be able to pay players.

That said the way it is going it has gotten out of control. Look at city for example they could not sell players as they knew that sitting on the bench and getting paid more than playing every week for another team was the better way for them.

Yes the money has brought in some world class stars but it is also what will kill the game too.

Daz3030d ago

Stop paying the footballers so much? then reduce prices might help.