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Pep Talks in Pep Confidential

Guardiola had an illustrious CV and was highly regarded as one of the best managers in the world. Not many fans had imagined he would look beyond Chelsea and Manchester City to manage Bayern Munich, who had come off an incredible treble-winning season under then-boss Jupps Heynckes. In Marti Perarnau’s latest book, Pep Confidential, he explains what led to Guardiola deciding to take over Germany’s biggest football club.

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warrior823415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

this is much better than those articles on the web claiming Pep wants to coach Man U. His comment 'I could see myself coaching here' has been taken out of context. In fact he said it on another occasion for another club as well. That comment was said when he was at Old Trafford as the Barca boss a few years ago. Pep never got offered a job at Man U just as this article says. He may have been considered after Moyes sacking but it was too late then.