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Platini: A German should win Ballon d'Or - not Ronaldo or Messi

goal - The Uefa president feels that a member of Joachim Low's triumphant Brazil 2014 squad should win the game's most prestigious individual honour

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KingPin2805d ago

lmfao platinis dislike for Ronaldo becoming obvious as ever.

so a Ballon D'or winner should be picked from the team that wins the world cup....tell me more about a spanish player winning it in 2010.

if messi cant win it, a world cup winner should.

hypocrite level: platini
in 2010 messi had a poor world cup, great club level performance: 1 month does not take away a whole years poerformance. look at his club statistics. BEAST!!GOD!!
in 2014, ronaldo has a poor world cup, great club level performance: world cup is the biggest trophy. club stats dont matter as much. if you cant perform in the one month that it counts, you shouldnt win the ballon d'or.

pompombrum2804d ago

Well tbh Xavi deserved to win it in 2010 however to be fair, nobody in the German team can match or beat how Xavi was that year.

KingPin2804d ago

xavi did have a good year, but so did iniesta. not to mention iniesta also scored the world cup winner.

but in 2010 sneijder had a terrific year as well. winning a treble and silver medal, scored 5 goals and won four man of the match awards in world cup.

but the ballon d'or is like a joke and lost meaning...first was giving it to messi 4 years in a row when other players deserved it (im referring to 2010 and 2012. lets not start an argument here. we all had these discussions before. just my opinion), second was giving it to ronaldo when ribery deserved it just so that blatter could save face. now they wanna give it to a german when clearly, inidividually, ronaldo is unchalleged for the award.

xX_Altair_Xx2805d ago

Nah, Ronaldo's got it in the bag. Since when did the best player award become the best team award? Messi will get the obligatory second place. PLatini talking out of his a** as usual.

xX_Altair_Xx2804d ago

Look at the list of every winner before and since - it's generally agreed that Zidane lost it that year because of the headbutt.

asmith23062805d ago

Yeah that's great and all Platini, but pretty sure the Ballon D'or is for best player, regardless of the World Cup. Don't know anyone in the German team who outdid Ronaldo or Messi on an individual level last year.

Imalwaysright2804d ago

That's funny because in the 3 times he won Balon D'or France didn't win a World cup.

nirwanda2804d ago

Suarez should win it he made the biggest impression in the world cup.

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