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Highlights: WBA 2-2 Man Utd (EPL - 20/10/2014)

Sessegnon (8')
Fellaini (48')
Berahino (66')
Blind (87')

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neoragex3029d ago

they have chelsea and city next.. haha

KingPin3029d ago

united defense exposed once again.
city and chelsea are going to have a party coming up against this.

listenkids3028d ago

I'm sure City thought they'd steamroll Stoke too. Football is Football, wouldn't be too surprised if United won both.

b163o13028d ago

Lol, this guys is drinking the kool aid, wake up my son, United are yhe laughing stock of the premier.

PS4OUR3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I'm happy you think results are guaranteed before anyone has even kicked a ball yet. There are no foregone conclusions in football. See user "listenkids" comment, Football is Football.

Man United, 6th on the table, 5 points behind 2nd placed Man City with only 8 games played. You may want to re-evaluate your understanding of the term laughing stock.

b163o13028d ago

So United losing to MK Dons isn't worth the laugh, losing to WBA isn't worth a Llf? Not to mention that they dont have any trophies worth gaining besides the BPL trophy. So yeah they're the laughing stock of the league, not to mention they talked so much about City's spending, and then they take a page out of there book. All the talent and like you said they're 6th! With that much talent you'd think they was right behind Chelsea... Llf MK DONS!!!

PS4OUR3028d ago

Your comment is worth a laugh. How long ago was MK Dons? I was expecting a well thought out rebuttal but you disappointed me.
If you're going to state United is the laughing stock of the PL, please bring forward valid "reasons" why, instead of an isolated incident such as the MK Dons loss.

Liverpool must be shit too, they lost to Oldham in the same competition last season, with many more first team players than United had against MK Dons.
I rate Liverpool. They are in transition too. They have quite a few new players as well and last i checked they're not doing too great, but also they're not bad. Go figure. New players, new league, team struggling to find balance. This must not be real football. Football must be like Fifa on playstation where you buy the best players and steamroll every team you come up against.

Premier League net spend for last 5 years: #1 Manchester City: £439,450,000, #2 Chelsea: £471,609,000, #3 Manchester United: £356,300,000.
Not quite sure why you decided to pull the "transfer spending" card when its clear City have outspent everyone for the past 5 years. A google search can easily show you that.

Talent? We are 8 games into the new season with a few new players. A bit premature to conclude anything don't you think? You must think football teams are built in 2 months. Or maybe you must watch a different version of football than i do because great teams are not created in 2 months especially at a club under transition right through to backroom staff and in the situation Manchester United is in.

Of course Chelsea will be top or dominant. I'd be surprised if they were not.
How long has Mourinho been in charge of Chelsea and how long has Louis Van Gaal been in charge of United?
Calls for a little perspective don't you think?

b163o13028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Lmao, I bet your heart was racing as you typed this. Dude I made a comment dont take it to heart, United isn't your chick is she? Its a forum! Lol dont take everything to heart lol :-). If you'll gave Moyes more time I'd bet you'd be in a better position...

I understand this is just the beginning of the season. I'm a City fan always ready to poke fun at the squad who made sure we knew our place 10yrs ago...

Oh and by your list Chelsea spent more then us.. ;-)

mcstorm3028d ago

@b163o1 the reason why clubs not just United fans make a big deal out of City's and Chelsea's spending is because it was not made by the club and have sugar daddys who have paid for the club to be fighting for the league.

United, Arsenal ect all spent money they had made to get the big stars in.

For me the game is becoming a joke though and before long something has to give as everything is just becoming expensive and football in the UK epically has lost what it is really about and that is the local fans.

Its full of over paid players who most of them don't care what team the play for as long as they are on to £.

I really do hope something gives in football and we return to having players who want to play for the clubs rather than go to clubs because they offer them millions and then when they go there they don't put effort in or spend half their time sulking over nothing.

As for United they really need their luck to change in defence as this is what is going to hurt them this season. I think if they lose to Chelsea and City then they are fully out the race for the league but I do think it will be Chelsea who go on to win the league this year and I also think they have a good shout at winning the champions league too.

I do think the biggest loser this season will be Liverpool though as I think they will end up finishing behind Chelsea, City, United, Arsenal and Spurs.

asmith23063028d ago

8 games played against the lower opposition. They have barely been challenged yet and have been dire.

listenkids3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

TIL Everton is low opposition. The fact United beat them and lost to Leicester (regardless of it being an absolute shambles of poor refereeing) proves Football is the most unpredictable sport in the game and you're retarded to immediately jump to conclusions.

I assume you also thought Palace were relegated last year because after 10 games they were absolutely wrecked.

asmith23063028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

@listenkids, yes Everton would be classed as lower opposition for Utd, especially with the squad they have now. Let me spell it out for you. I'd draw it for you but I don't have any crayons...

So far they have played Swansea, Sunderland, Burnley, QPR, Leicester, West Ham, Everton and West Brom. Tell me which one of them teams represents a solid challenge for Utd, with the squad that they have? Arguably Everton. From them games they have picked up a measly 12 points, a very lackluster amount against LOWER opposition.

listenkids3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Chelsea lower opposition? Because someone said they'd stomp United.

Football is football, never predictable.

Suck it up.

KingPin3028d ago

when you look at the form of the city and chelsea strikers and the fact that both teams have been playing fantastic football the general ASSUMPTION is that they will score goals against uniteds leaky defense.

leicester city and WBA arent known to have a potent strike force yet they both scored goals with relative ease.

up until now united has been playing small clubs and the performances werent convincing enough. i'd know, been a united supporter forever so i know the level where they at and where they should be compared to past united teams.

im not saying we going to get a 5-0 hiding, but if we did get beat by a high score, i wouldn't be surprised.

asmith23063028d ago

I have a feeling Utd are going to get destroyed by Chelsea. I reckon Mourinho will be out of blood here because Chelsea have been blowing teams away recently. Why not add Utd to the list?