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Who is the bigger Barcelona icon - Cruyff or Messi?

Ahead of Barcelona's clash with Ajax, Goal debates which of the two legends was more important at Camp Nou in terms of their impact and lasting legacy

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Stringerbell3024d ago

Most people would say Messi solely based on the fact that they never saw Cruyff play. Remember though, Cruyff molded the La Masia Youth Academy in his own fashion. No doubt the changes he made helped to mold Messi into the player that he is today. Just my opinion though...

Yi-Long3022d ago

Cruyff at the time was by far the best player in the world. And Barcelona wasn't the Barcelona we know it to be today. Cruyff went there and changed it, for the better, was the best, made every player he was with on the pitch better, and was a much more complete player than Messi in that you could put Cruyff pretty much anywhere on the pitch, and he would still be tremendous.

Messi is great, in some ways maybe even better than Cruyff was, but as a whole, Cruyff is probably Barca's most important figure ever.

asmith23063023d ago

Messi, hands down. The guy is extraordinary.

Rick_Ross_Boss3022d ago

I'm sorry only messi haters would say cruff. Of course its messi, he's the greatest player to ever have played for Barcelona. Just look at his stats compared to messi, and all the records he has broken and cruff comes no where near.