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United Or City? Father Auctions Off His Baby Son’s Club Allegiance To Highest Bidder On Ebay

A father from Manchester has posted a rather unusual listing on Ebay with which he plans to auction off his baby son’s football club allegiance in the name of charity.

The listing, which doesn’t go live until Thursday evening, will see the winning bidder allowed to choose which Manchester club, United or City, that seven-month-old Eddie Charters grows up supporting.

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neoragex2807d ago

Poor kid.. Stuck between PL champions and a mid-table club.

cyclindk2807d ago

Should do religion and political views and condiments next

wannabe gamer2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

so what if the kid is like....hell naw... when he gets older lol

Soldierone2807d ago

I would do this, then put in fine print "No guarantees, kid may grow up with a brain and support something else."

S2Killinit2806d ago

The kid looks like he would be a united fan