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Manchester United vs. Chelsea: When Lions Collide!

The Red Devils take on Premier League leaders Chelsea at Old Trafford in a bid to break into the top four. The Blues want to retain their dominance on the top of the league. They can take an eight point advantage over Manchester City since the Citizens lost by a goal to West Ham away.

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saadd203020d ago

what a match! Red Devils got a point thanks to red card sending off to Ivanovic.

Stringerbell3020d ago

That Ivanovic red card hurt a lot, he was my captain this week in my fantasy team =/

saadd203020d ago

dude you play fantasy? Mine was Aguero...United gets away with it most times..referees at Old Trafford favor them ..from what I have seen..Chelsea deserved the penalty.

xX_Altair_Xx3020d ago

Utd havent had a penalty all season, and that sort of pulling happens all the time. Terry's the worst at it so we'd have 5 pens a match. On the whole 1-1 was a fair result, though Falcao's got to start from now on, RVP misses too many chances.

You think you've got it bad, my attacking line is Falcao, Aguero (VC) and Costa (C)! :(

saadd203020d ago

last bubble, do u guys wanna join my mini fantasy league?

696263-171820- league code..I have another league and head to head as well..I can PM you guys the far as the match today..xX_Altair_Xx/...RVP could have saved the Drogba header and Van Gaal was right..finishing wasnt good..Chelsea could have gone for the kill..but played idea why Mourinho didnt go for all out attack. fair result..I am a Liverpool fan..good for us.