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Suarez: Ballon d'Or snub is strange

Eyebrows were raised when the European Golden Shoe winner for last season was omitted from Fifa's 23-strong list, which the Uruguayan cannot grasp

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KingPin3008d ago

not strange
aside from finishing second in the league, what else has he accomplished in the year?

he only played in england, no european competitons, and even then won no silverware. scored 31 goals and won a european golden boot is something but its not enough to warrant a ballon D'or.

well that and he wasnt "good boy". thats a must have for platini and blatter.

Rick_Ross_Boss3008d ago

Are you serious?

The guy missed 10 games for Liverpool and still ended up being top goal scorer with the most assists in (which most people consider) the hardest league in the world.

You only have to look at Liverpool this season to see the difference without Suarez in there team. Its an individual award, not a team award. He may not off won the ball D'or but he should without doubt be on the list. The only reason he's not on there is because of what he did in the world cup, end off.

KingPin3007d ago

missed 10?
he scored 31 goals in 33 games. theres 38 league games a season. you including a ban from a year the Ballon D'or doesnt count. but anyways, thats beside the point.

when you compare suarez' achievements (individual and club) he comes up short against the other nominees.

im not saying he is a useless player and scoring 31 goals is an easy feat that anyone can accomplish or that his behaviour has nothing to do with it but while all of you here go on about suarez, nobody questioned who shouldnt be on the 23 man list that "took" suarez spot coz clearly if suarez is not there, someone who doesnt deserve to be there is.

Pogmathoin3007d ago

He did not fit into the clean cut image for marketing.... This award is not about skill or achievements... Ribery should have won, but hes ugly I guess.... Platini, Bladder...... Both a cancer to the sport....

asmith23063007d ago

C'mon dude, he was brilliant in the Premier League last year. He should have made the shortlist.

KingPin3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

asmith, he was fantastic in the premier league. im not arguing that fact. he was the premier leagues best player imo.

but in order to be nominated for a Ballon d'or you have to be a bigger player than just a league. you need performances in league, europe and/or world cups that stand out (or is that not needed anymore?) this is where im saying suarez comes short.

and even if he was to get nominated in the 23-man list, he isnt in the top 3 to win the prize. so at the end of the day, biting or not, it doesnt make a difference.

just out of everyone that commented here - who is on the shortlist that you feel shouldn't be there and why.

xX_Altair_Xx3007d ago

That's not true re being a bigger player than just a league. He should defo be in the 23 man list - it suggests he's not one of the best 23 in the world he he clearly is.

What has Hazard, Zlatan, Iniesta, Pogba or James done that's so much better than Suarez?

RosweeSon3007d ago

Nah Frank Lampard and then we're talking man plays from midfield scores more often than Rooney and he's how old, now that is a pro, Suarez?! Great footballer not a lot else, he cheated in the 2010 World Cup (handball) that sort of football player shouldn't be winning awards.

hkgamer3007d ago

was a great player and at one stage felt like the best player. however, he was able to keep up with it.

also like to add that ballon d'or is counted by calender year so from january to december. his on field behaviour will not net him this award.

Nes_Daze3007d ago

Seeing him in a Barca jersey is so weird still... but yeah his behavior I think it ruined it for him. :/

RosweeSon3007d ago

At the end of the day he's great at what he does but he can hardly be surprised when he bites someone in the world cup and gets himself banned for 4 months! That's a whole chunk of season but I also agree just scoring goals isn't enough, didn't win a single trophy or even come close ronaldo and messi they consistently score same amount of goals as Suarez if not a lot more they compete in the champions league and were not thrown out of the World Cup let alone any competition. Barca were crazy paying what they did for someone who was currently banned and let's face it can't be trusted it's not the first time he's been involved in something like this, 3rd I believe.

redknight803007d ago

Probably not in there because of how much he ruined the image of the WC, especially with Americans, who were just getting into the competition for the first time (at this scale). A few months on and the only thing brought up when any World Cup banter starts is about Suarez bite, Goetze's Final goal, and my Mexican friends talking of the Robben dive.

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