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Highlights: Real Madrid 1 : 0 Liverpool Champions League 4/11/14


Benzema (27')1-0

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ProjectVulcan2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Liverpool did alright. I mean they didn't lay a glove on Madrid and were obviously outclassed but at least it wasn't a battering on the score sheet. Madrid safely through they look strong and will go a long way.

Qualification still in Liverpool's hands but it's not gonna be easy, must beat Ludogorets and then do the same to Basel. Easier said than done, they are not a pushover if they are in the mood.

NewMonday2749d ago

Moreno is a class player, only one to keep up with Real

RGB2750d ago

Brendon needs to look at this XI and think hard about the ones he benched. They played for the shirt and had great intensity throughout. That said, Madrid weren't at the races at all, Ronaldo probably had his worse game so far this season and Liverpool never threaten Madrid. Real didn't seem that bothered though, 1-0 was enough, passing/possession game in the second half.

1-0 was fair, Madrid easily through as winners.

xX_Altair_Xx2750d ago

Real never got out of first gear but were comfortable the whole match. They were a bit wasteful and couldve easily put in 3 or 4.

Stringerbell2750d ago

The media is saying Rodger's selection was an insult to fans. What nonsense! The squad that took the pitch played far better than the first team regulars.Rodgers had the right to bench the 'big names' if they were under performing (as they did against Hull & Newcastle). They showed more heart for sure.

xX_Altair_Xx2750d ago

But will he play this team regularly from now on? I doubt it, he gave up on the match for the Chelsea match. Not so much an insult to the fans as an insult to the biggest club competition around.

Sahil2749d ago

"He gave up"

Yup, he gave up by fielding a side who got a better result than the one played at home.

Stringerbell2749d ago

The B side of Liverpool lost by one goal to the reigning European champions at home...

The nonsense of Rodgers "giving up" is from the people who expected LFC to be hammered. That didn't happen so the negative narrative is shifted.

This was a good performance for them and despite what others may think Ronaldo didn't have an off game out of nowhere, he was shut down by Liverpool.

Furthermore if big names are untouchable in a squad despite poor performances they will never get that wake up call. Lets see what happens on the weekend...

Spiewie 2749d ago

The B side should be the starting team well maybe they should have played Sterling for his pace.

asmith23062750d ago

Good performance by Liverpool against all the odds. I was expecting them to get hammered.

Spiewie 2749d ago

Liverpool was supposed to get destroyed but I think that the reserve players who got their chance to prove their worth gave it their all and got a decent result even though they lost.