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Highlights: UEFA Champions League [Group Stage] - Manchester City 1-2 CSKA Moscow (11/6/14)

Doumbia (2', 34')
Y. Touré (8')

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xX_Altair_Xx3008d ago

Simply embarrassing for EPL - not one winner and three of them were playing relatively easy fixtures. City were a right disgrace - pushing (Yaya), kicking (Nasri) and diving (Aguero), but so was the ref for not booking the right CSKA player.

Doumbia though, I'm surprised no one's snapped him up yet - Ive noticed him in Russia for a while and would be worth a shot for Liverpool or Arsenal.

RGB3008d ago

Laughable, shambolic.
4 years in the Champions League and they'll be going out a 3rd time in 4 years at the 1st hurdle, 2nd time as Premier League champions!
Even Dortmund, sitting 17th in Bundesliga, missing several key players still show heart and passion sitting 12 out of 12 points in a decent quality group!

20pts out of possible 48pts for EPL clubs in Champions League so far. 31 for La Liga, Bilbao letting the La Liga down and 38 for Bundesliga.

Furthermore; The 4 EPL teams have 70% more money and resources than the 4 Bundesliga teams in this Champions League campaign. However, Germany now has a better UEFA Coefficient ranking, knocking England to 3rd (according to BBC 5Live).

Embarrassing doesn't cut it, neither does omnishambles. No where near the best league in world football, only top 3 at the moment thanks to Italy falling even further.

Stringerbell3008d ago

The Bundesliga needs to be a model for the EPL. Affordable tickets for the fans,top notch youth development (the only league that comes close to development is perhaps Ligue 1) which of course culminated in that WC win. And last but not least its profitable and not running at a loss! On a side note the BuLi Youtube page is class, no other league takes advantage of social media like the Germans do. All they need is a fantasy game on their site, which I'm sure is in development.

Oh and City, they were horrid....

RGB3008d ago

Bundesliga needs to be the model for all footballing nations. It's win win for everyone involved. EPL has to be the only top 5 league that doesn't promote youth players in top teams and in big games. Germany, Spain, Italy, France and even Belgium + Nederlands do it.
Most of the England talent have to be loaned to Championship or League 1 sides to learn their trade, yet struggle once returned to Prem because of quality spike.

listenkids3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

There's flawed logic in your point regarding the Premier League being a shit league. The point being, it's a tough league which leaves their CL teams in weaker form for mid week.

Granted, the top top quality of each league varies more, with Bayern/Real being better than Chelsea and Juve on their day, but mid to low table clubs in the Prem are far, far better than other leagues.

RGB3006d ago

That argument doesn't wash at all, hasn't for years either. La Liga is a tough league (same with Bundesliga), and outside Barca/Real, teams have to fight for every game. Both Barca/Real have lost to teams well below them this season too, Chelsea is still unbeaten.

The money and resources both Chelsea & City have should be more than even to breeze their League whilst still competing in Europe. Both squads have more depth than either Barca/Real.

Chelsea has had the easiest group any top seeded team has ever had in Champions League history (I'd argue), yet only have 8/12pts. They should have got 18/18 at a canter.

Can't say nothing more about City than I already have in this comment section. They've spent over £1 billion in less than 7 years, and are bottom of that group, disgusting.

"mid to low table clubs in the Prem are far, far better than other leagues" - That would translate in those clubs winning cups and/or Europa League titles, neither of which is true. 10 different Copa del Rey winners in 13 seasons and 6 UEFA Cup/Europa League titles in the last decade. Only Portsmouth and Wigan standout regarding The FA Cup in the last decade with Chelsea winning the Europa League in 2013 but that doesn't count as they aren't a "mid to low table club".

listenkids3007d ago

I assume no one watched the match. It was appalling and should have ended with 16 men on the pitch.

windblowsagain3007d ago

CL is not shit.

But it should be 50% youth ENGLISH players.