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I feel lousy! Van Gaal says it could take three years to fix Manchester United

The former Netherlands boss says he has received encouragement from the public for the style of play that he has implemented but admits that their start has not been good enough

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Yaay4me2746d ago

3YEARS! where is all that money going to

Mr_cheese2746d ago

Look how long it took man city

windblowsagain2746d ago

They should offload Rooney, and hopefully England will as well. Because until they do, they will not win anything.

ProjectVulcan2746d ago

Yea he really held United back the past ten years didn't he....

Van Gaal is probably talking more about being European Champions than anything else, the guy aims high.

Give him a world class centre back and a while to grow some of the younger players and they will challenge again in 12 months.

PS4OUR2746d ago

@windblowsagain. 279 goals and 117 assists (3rd highest for Man United behind Denis Law and Bobby Charlton). 43 goals (out of 99 starts) and 17 assists for England. Yet according to you he must be dropped from England and United. Im sure glad you not England or Man United manager.

Imalwaysright2746d ago

3 years with the players he has on his team?

vivid832746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I don't think he has 3yrs to be honest