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Luis Suarez Credits Steven Gerrard for Barcelona Move

Luis Suarez had a phenomenal run with Liverpool last season, leading the Barclays Premier League with 31 goals. In his autobiography Luis Suarez, My Story: Crossing the Line, the FC Barcelona signing credits much of his success to Reds Captain Steven Gerrard, who he says encouraged him to reject a move to Arsenal for £40 million.

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beeefy3056d ago

stevie g repping the reds since 98

saadd203056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

I wonder what Liverpool fans think of him actually encouraging our biggest star to leave to one of 'Europe's elite'? Shall we not keep our best players? We used to be on that list!

warrior823056d ago

He was banned for four months, but well Liverpool were without Sturridge due to injury. Balotelli has been horrible.Suarez was not happy with English media after the world cup.

mmj3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I like how Liverpool spun it so that they had no choice but to sell him, if they had wanted to keep him they would have backed him like they had done multiple times before. There were rumours before the tournament had even started that he was heading to Barcelona, the bite made selling him a lot easier as far as their fans were concerned.

saadd203055d ago

He was on a ten match ban..they had no choice because they needed someone for Champions League. Balotelli wasnt the best choice. They wasted money on unproven talent. Gerrard should have encouraged him to stay but with all the bad blood on the England loss in WC and the biting and media out for his head, Liverpool had to let him go. Gerrard did the right thing to encourage him to stay and give him an incentive. it is sad, Liverpool are a selling club now ever since Owen, Torres, Alonso and Mascherano left.