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Neuer in Ballon d'Or dig at Ronaldo: I don't do underwear ads The German spoke of his chances of beating the holder to the upcoming Fifa award for best player in the world, suggesting it takes more than commercial savviness to win.

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asmith23062996d ago

LOL! Can't see him beating Ronaldo to it but if he did I could see why people would vote for him.

Spiewie 2996d ago

He's the best goalkeeper in the world but these awards look at goalscorers more than anything else. Don't think that criticism is going to affect Ronaldo in any way lol.

KingPin2996d ago

not goal scorers particularly but rather every aspect of a player. at least that what it used to be when the likes of Figo, nedved, cannavaro, ronaldinho and kaka won it.

but i think since 2008 when Ronaldo and messi started smashing records, it was hard to just pick anyone else.
which other player on the field is constantly smashing records for their position?

if Oliver Kahn didnt win a ballon d'or i dont see neuer winning one. mind you, i think they both deserve one coz both of them are/were great keepers.

Spiewie 2996d ago

Never a goalkeeper though no matter how good a goalie is he's never going to get this award.

badz1492996d ago

if Schmeichel, Kahn and goalkeepers never gets it, Neuer won't too.

ProjectVulcan2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

He's a great goalkeeper and attackers always get favoured but Messi and Ronaldo will go down as two of the all time great players. Like ALL time greats, probably top 5 players in the history of the game- their stats back that up. I do believe we'll talk about them later alongside Maradona and Pele.

Ronaldo for example has a better goals/game ratio over his near 300 odd apps for the club than ANYONE to play more than a few games for Real Madrid ever, which is something to behold when you think of the quality of the attackers they have fielded before! We're talking legendary Puskas and Di Stefano beating stats here.

Neuer however good he is, probably isn't in my top 5 all time GK list at the moment which he would probably have to be to win it against the Messi/Ronaldo combo.

asmith23062996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

"I do believe we'll talk about them later alongside Maradona and Pele." - we already can. Take this as an example He is only 27!!

theshredded2996d ago

Difference is Neuer isn't a c***