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Bayern, Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid - which clubs could afford to buy Messi?

Goal - The Barcelona forward caused controversy this week as he hinted he may leave Camp Nou at some stage in the near future. Goal looks at the Argentine's possible suitors.

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-Mezzo-3048d ago

Hardly any. Too Good, Too Expensive.

b163o13048d ago

Hardly means very few, it could happen they're already building for life after messi....

ProjectVulcan3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Presently, probably none. Barcelona would probably want in excess of £100m transfer fee and Messi would want at least £350k a week.
It would pretty much end any club's chances of meeting FFP. If PSG and City were already warned about it then who else could afford it?

If he wanted to leave Spain it probably rules out Madrid and several other reasons too, unlikely Bayern or Manchester United could afford it unless they sold off a couple of high profile stars.

The only way would be to run down his contract and maybe leave 12 months before it ends in 2018.

At which point he would be 30 anyway and it's unlikely many clubs would want to invest the massive fees for his age he would still demand.

asmith23063047d ago

It would command the highest transfer fee ever by a long shot, and the highest wages ever. I don't think any club could afford him.