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Messi Quotes|Great Quotes for the World’s Greatest Player

Lionel Messi is a phenomenon. There will never be anyone like him. His magical left foot, his dribbling and his ability to score insane goals has made him arguably the world’s best player.

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saadd203228d ago

He is by far the best player in the world today!

Stringerbell3228d ago

Whats crazy is you will still hear people bang on about how he needs a world cup...

saadd203227d ago

well Ronaldo is yet to win a WC and by the time the next one rolls around, will he be in shape to win it? I doubt it.

asmith23063227d ago

He doesn't need a WC but it would cement his place as best ever if he did win it in my opinion. Just look at Messi's career at only 27. He wipes the floor with Maradona in them terms.

Imalwaysright3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

Maradona led a mediocre Argentina team to a world cup win and an average Napoli team to 2 serie A titles and an Uefa cup. Not only that but his career was plagued with injuries and his own personal demons.

Messi on the other hand played in the greatest football machine the world has ever seen and couldn't carry a much better Argentina team to a world cup win.

I'm not going to dispute Messi's skills. He is obviously one of the best players ever but there is more to being a great football player than just breaking goalscoring records.