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Mario Balotelli Under Investigation for Posting an Offensive Photo of Nintendo’s Mario

Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli is now the subject of an investigation by the Football Association (FA) following an image he posted featuring Nintendo’s Mario surrounded with racist and anti-Semitic statements.

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Stringerbell2722d ago

Heh saw his tweet were he was pseudo apologizing. Had no idea what it was about. What a stupid thing to be banned over...

Minute Man 7212721d ago

Europeans are a bunch of p******

big_dom_part_22721d ago

Says the Yank who more than likely descended from Europe.

rocketpanda2721d ago

....says the person living in a country where cops shoot unarmed civilians.

Yaay4me2721d ago

This kind over sensative reaction creates more racism than prevents it in my opinion.

KingPin2721d ago

i dont get whats so racist about that.
black men jumping, jews grabbing coins, looks mexican etc are all general stereotypes. whats the big deal

first world problems.