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Aguero is the best striker in the world, says Manchester City's Zabaleta

The defender believes Argentina would have won the World Cup final had his compatriot been fully fit for the clash with Germany

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Stringerbell2857d ago

I mean yeah they are teammates and its nice to say but Kun isn't even in the top 5 imo. One of the best in the world? Sure but there's some other Argentine who's name escapes me. I hear he is pretty good =p

asmith23062857d ago

I think he is class. I don't think Argentina would have lost if Di Maria, Aguero, and (to a degree) Messi were fully fit. Others are going to say yeah but what if Reus, etc. was fit as well and I get that but having the likes of Palacio up front in a WC final goes to show how weak Argentina were at the time in my opinion.