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Ronaldo scores 200th league goal with record breaking hat-trick

The Portuguese striker scored three in Saturday's clash with Celta and has now scored the most hat-tricks in the history of La Liga

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Stringerbell2721d ago

Another week, another milestone for Ronaldo.

asmith23062720d ago

They should swap his ballon d'or nomination with an Oscar nomination. Disgraceful dive to win yet another penalty unfairly. Keeps giving me reasons to find it hard to like him.

Stringerbell2720d ago

La Marca at least called him out on it.

asmith23062719d ago

I think everyone that has a hint of rationally about them called him out on it. For a world class player who is supposedly deserving of the upcoming Ballon D'Or to be still doing this crap is beyond me. Terrible sportsmanship.

mp12892719d ago

That dive wasnt worthy of an oscar, it was terrible acting...

alb18992719d ago

Acept it, this is part of the Futbol, everyone does it.

yezz2719d ago

By that logic headbutting is part of the game too and we should just "accept it". Laughable thought..

asmith23062719d ago

Oh dear... that is quite a statement from a so called fan of the sport.

monkeyDzoro2719d ago

CRYstiano DIVEaldo - The pitch dolphin... Pathetic to see him diving like that. He hasn't change from when he was at ManUtd. I even think that he perfected his DIVING technique... What a shame.

8 penalty in La Liga already, 7 among them are fake.
5 penalty in CL, 3 are fake.

I wonder when referees are gonna take note. He deserves the special treatment from Euro 2008. After that, his amount of dives went slightly down.