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Balotelli Out; Torres in?

Home is where the heart is and it appears as though Fernando Torres has left his at Liverpool. Torres has not had it easy since leaving the Reds for Chelsea in January of 2011.

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saadd202787d ago

I hope El Nino comes home. He made me reaffirm my Liverpool fan status. Loved him and Stevie G's partnership and how they worked to score goals. I hope this is true. He will be much better than Balotelli. Not so Super Mario is horrible. Torres knows the club and Stevie is still there.

Stringerbell2786d ago

He comes back its time for him to be paid real wages. Not these overinflated numbers of yesteryear. He isn't that player anymore, hasn't been for a while...

RGB2785d ago

Home would be Atleti not Liverpool, which is the more likely choice to as they're dropping plenty of hints.

BlackPhillip6662787d ago

He should never of moved in the first place, The Greed.

saadd202786d ago

not sure if its greed, it was Hicks and Gillette, injuries and lack of commitment showed by managers. Rafa left and Hodgson came. by the time Kenny Dalglish came things didnt look too good either.

KingPin2786d ago

scraping the bottom of the barrel.

EnzoLuca2786d ago

As a Milan fan i hope he goes asap. In football terms he is brain dead - 1 goal in 10 apps