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Gareth Bale to Join the Red Devils?

With just over a year spent at Real Madrid, Gareth Bale is once again subject of transfer rumors. If rumors are to be believed, the Welshman could be making a sensational move back to England.

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saadd203022d ago

I dont know where the rumors come from. I doubt it will happen. United to invest in covering up holes in their defence. They have been lucky the past few games, and getting another winger would not help their problems. They already have Angel Di Maria although a partnership with Bale does sound enticing.

KingPin3021d ago

madrid selling bale would be the dumbest thing they could do. he elevated real madrid to a new level.

xX_Altair_Xx3021d ago

This would be great if it happened. But for £90m I'd rather see world class CB (Hummels), CM (Strootman or Vidal) and a new RB (Coleman or Clyne). But we still need a new winger who can go past people as the other players like Rooney and Mata are too slow. Maybe Reus would be cheaper option. That said I wouldnt put it past Real to sell him, they do have a habit of selling stars to replace them with a new one.

RGB3021d ago

This rumour is so laughable. He's been at Madrid for like 16 months and is probably the 2nd most important attacking player after Ronaldo himself.

United can't afford Bale and better yet, Madrid won't sell him. They won't sell him for anything less than £100m.

ProjectVulcan3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

United can afford Bale.

But it's unlikely Madrid would want to sell and United have other priorities at this stage of the season I imagine.

RGB3021d ago

Sure they could, if they want to wipe out half their annual budget in doing so. They've spent north of £150m already and Bale would be another £100m at the very best price.

United only make £350m revenue in 2013/14, probably next to nothing after paying taxes, debts and the owners taking their piece of the pie.

ProjectVulcan3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

First at least get the small facts right- United's revenue is projected at close to £400m this season- WITHOUT Champions League money. It was something like £422m last season, so you are miles away from the official figures.

This is a club that paid millions for just a LOAN of Falcao, and he's allegedly on ~£300k a week, paid in full by United. So they are hardly going to worry about wages.

United could afford Bale. Your maths ignores the fact most very big clubs also have other financial means beyond their yearly revenue. How do you think most big clubs get in debt as it is? Only spending what they make? Haha, a comedic notion in the world of football.

Fact is United already said they have even more cash in the coffers for more signings, and it's incredibly naive saying United's revenue for one year is X and therefore can't afford Bale. Meaningless one year figures.

They easily could. If they really wanted to put a package together, they could get the money.

Money isn't the problem, it's whether all parties are actually interested in such a deal, which currently seems unlikely.

RGB3020d ago

If you want to run by United official financial report, they have £24m in operating income, if the Glazer's didn't already take it.

"Profit for the year, £23.835m... Attributable to:
Owners of the parent (Glazer Family)."

So the money to get Bale would add to the debt that is estimated; dependant on the source you use of either £400m or £700m. Great!

Using BBC, the GM deal is already factored in the 2014 report by United so they can't use that for Bale.

So United will pluck £100m (BBC source has it at £120m) from thin air to get Bale because United! ha

ProjectVulcan3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

You're taking one years profits as the only money United can muster?

I don't even....

You seriously need to look at how football finances can/do work, because quoting one raw profit figure is absolutely, completely and totally meaningless in terms of the big picture.

For example, do you know what United's current cash reserve is? What about the shares sold recently opening the way to new investors or reinvestment- the sale prospectus: the club say they "anticipate a higher level of net player capital expenditure". United would also surely be able to put together sponsorship or finance packages for a potential star player purchase like this sort of deal. So thin air? No.

You took into account....none of this. If United really wanted Bale, they could easily raise the cash in a multitude of ways.

Please educate yourself before talking about football finances and implying a simple profit figure says anything.

Go find out what Real Madrid's debt currently stands at, and their profit which may shock you.... Seriously. Educate yourself

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EnzoLuca3021d ago

THE reason behind Reals domination over the last 12 months has been because teams cant defend against both Ronaldo AND Bale AT THE SAME TIME!

Bale is an exceptional honest working player and seems to always want to impress and as a United follower i think he would add so much to the team

Linwelin3021d ago

I wouldn't say he is an Honest player on the pitch, he was a regular diver in the Prem.

S2Killinit3021d ago

I have to agree with you.

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The story is too old to be commented.