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Xavi rubbishes Ronaldo's Ballon d'Or bid: He wouldn't even

goal - The midfielder does not see why the Real Madrid forward should win the award given his failure to lead Portugal out of the World Cup group stage.

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KingPin3265d ago

oh god. this again...
for everyone saying a world cup winner/someone who did great in the world cup deserves the ballon d'or in a world cup year needs go back four years and ask yourself WTF happened.

where were the spaniards? the dutch players back then? how did an argentinian whose team got smashed 4-0 by the germans win the award over world cup winners and runner ups? where was the spanish/dutch Ballon d'or winner?

xavi, iniesta, sneijder in 2010 were clear favz imo for best player. yet none of them got it.

r1sh123264d ago

tbh even if you counted the world cup, Ronaldo did a lot considering how crap Portugal are.
He was playing with an injury and secured a good cross to equalise against USA.

A spaniard cannot even say anything when they do not even deserve to play any more.
They have been getting demolished for a while now.

Nes_Daze3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Ehh, I put what a player does in the season > world cup performance. Ronaldo deserves his Balon D Oro, disagree? Start scoring goals and aid your team to a damn trophy. And winning a damn World Cup isn't achieved by one man, as much as any idiot would like to argue otherwise, Pele, Maradona, they had a few big names next to them just nobody cares about them, tragic ain't it?

Scrivlar3265d ago

As a big fan of Ronaldo it really does annoy me whenever I see this argument put forward like people expect him to do anything with that shit Portugal side, I'd already say he's punching well above his weight with what he's done for them so far. If he was at a team that had a chance I'd understand the criticism but unfortunately he's not spanish, german, dutch, brazilian etc.. And he was injured from April up to early August.