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Player Focus: Should Chelsea Regret Letting Frank Lampard Go?

For all that Jose Mourinho has tried to quell any controversy in the media this campaign, and all the usual “issues” he’s so far managed to generally evade, there’s been one question that’s guaranteed to get a reaction. It will at the least make his facial expression change, even if the Chelsea manager still tries to dodge the question.

Unfortunately for Mourinho, there’s no dodging the story. It’s been one of the distinctive strands of the season so far, and could yet be a decisive factor in where the title goes: the form of Chelsea legend Frank Lampard… for Manchester City.

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Gamer19822693d ago

The guys had his best goal to game ratio in a sky blue shirt (over his entire career) . That's gotta be a sucker punch to Mourinho and his decision to let him go.

saadd202693d ago

he already has enough talent in midfield: Hazard, Oscar, Willian, Matic. Man City has had injury issues so Lampard has really stepped in.