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Without A World Cup Ronaldo And Messi Fall Short Of The All Time Greats

His 2014 individual triumph was never in doubt, but Cristiano cannot be considered a great until he achieves something with his country - and neither can Leo

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Yi-Long2936d ago

It's just a ridiculous statement to make. If Messi had chosen to play for Spain instead of Argentina, he still would have been the exact same player he is now, but he would have had 2-3 World Cups by now.

Both Ronaldo and Messi have been showing football which is just on a completely different level, and they've been doing so consistently for 10 years or something. They absolutely both belong in that list of all-time greats, together with Cruyff, Pele, and Maradona...

ginganinja2935d ago

You'll have to scratch Cruyff from that list, he only ever got as far as world cup runner up.
Same for other notable, Puskas.
Then theres Eusebio, well he can't be any good, his Portuguese side only got to third.
And the less said about Best the better.

(note: I hope the sarcasm is self-evident)

pompombrum2936d ago

There will always be some who think like that but being realistic, no one player can win you the world cup and you just have to look at the recent winners to see the depth and strength of their squads throughout the field. Neither Portugal nor Argentina have that sort of strength or depth at present.

2pacalypsenow2935d ago

The world cup is a team award One player cannot win a world cup

krazykombatant2935d ago

Uhhh maradonna took argentina on his back.. soooo

2pacalypsenow2934d ago

yeah and he punched the ball in

krazykombatant2934d ago

yeah and right after that he ran with the ball from the half way line all the way and ran past every single english player. We're gonna pretend that goal also didn't happen after the Hand of God?

Scrivlar2935d ago

I don't think a player with Ronaldo and Messi's abilities combined could win a world cup with that Portugal side. Maybe 10 or so years ago when Figo and Deco were there. For me these two are the greatest ever players regardless of which one you prefer.