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Manchester United world's second richest club again, and closing on Real

Manchester United may have had their worst season on the pitch for two decades last year but they have reclaimed second spot in the list of the football's richest clubs and now have Real Madrid in their sights.

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xX_Altair_Xx2673d ago

If current exchanges rates applied, though, Man United would be above Real Madrid in top place in the ranking of clubs by revenue.

xX_Altair_Xx2672d ago

Disagree? It's a fact; simple mathematics of currency conversion lol.

RGB2672d ago

Pretty sure this includes United's Adidas deal, GM deal and more TV revenue deal.
I really doubt it includes Real's new IPIC deal and Mircosoft deal.
Furthermore, who knows what Real have in the pipeline? Nike could make a similar offer to Real like United got from Adidas. Adidas may be forced into offering Real the same because rivals want Real, who wouldn't.

Additionally, it just seems impossible that United would gain so much with nothing to show regarding success or Champions League football while Madrid won it, Copa del Rey and having just as much brand power. Barca falling that far too while still having Champions League football seems a stretch too.

I highly doubt United will take Real next season. Madrid had terrible years between 2003-2009, only winning the league twice while United made 2 Champions League finals, winning once and numerous English trophies and still couldn't compete with Real even with mass appeal and world record deals.

xX_Altair_Xx2672d ago

No, this is 13-14 so the new GM and Adidas deals havent kicked in; it also includes a 7th placed finish. As I noted above, Utd have already overtaken them using current exchange rates. The strengthening pound gives English teams an advantage in transfers and wages, and with QE just announced by the ECB the euro has a lot more to fall.

ProjectVulcan2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

United will drop next season, but assuming they get back in the Champions League, it'll jump up the year after.

United will probably overtake Madrid eventually. 5 years max. Bigger sponsorship deals, boosts in premier league television revenue especially from overseas. This is despite Premier League money being more evenly shared than La Liga, and Madrid hogging the cash from their own TV deal!!

Fact is United have been the best club in the world at maximising their commercial deals, securing lots and lots of enormous sponsor deals.

The only advantage Madrid might have would be their stadium restructuring, however United are able to charge more for tickets and fill their stadium, probably keep pace with Madrid there.

United have higher average attendances than Madrid, but a smaller stadium!

United cannot easily expand Old Trafford, because the South stand is too close to railway tracks/housing and it would take a massive investment to increase the capacity. It's not impossible though, just expensive.