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Neymar: "Playing alongside the world's best player is very easy"

Speaking to Canal+ after Barça's rout of Elche, Neymar highlighted the role of Lionel Messi, who classily laid on both of the Brazilian's goals in the 6-0 victory. "Playing alongside the best player in the world is very easy", raved the forward, calling it "an honour" to be on the same side as Messi and labelling the Argentine his "idol".

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KingPin2670d ago

These statements are becoming like a copy and paste each week.

not too long ago Benzema was like "It's Easy Playing With Ronaldo - He's The Best" now you get neymars statement about messi.

i think everyone got it ages ago and if they haven't by now, its easy when you playing with the best.

barbarapeva2669d ago

well maybe the best players are easy to play with?

Stringerbell2669d ago

Fair enough. I try to avoid articles for this very reason. But on reflection this is more or less throw away article too.